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I am Dusty Day, my journey in cycling and how I got here is pretty cool and only God knows how and why.

I started cycling when I was 17 years old, my mother is a well-known cyclist and has competed Internationally many times in the past. People say my Brother (Tyler Day) and I got the cycling “gene” from her ofcourse but I think my Dad is the natural one.

We work hard and train accordingly every day. This taught us to work hard in everyday life, so my journey started when I had the opportunity to open a cycling shop. I can make this a very long piece to read but here we are today… Un(LTD) Cycling is my passion in cycling and I just LOVE cycling. Also, the LTD in Un(LTD) Cycling stands for “Liefie” “Tyler” “Dusty” 😉🏆

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